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Manchester has and still do attract international arts and culture since holding the famous Art Treasures of Great Britain Exhibition in 1857. Until now Manchester hosts top events and exhibtion´s from around the world at it’s museums and galleries. Explore the diversity of exhibitions happening in Greater Manchester.

– Steven Richards

LED art manchester
LED Lighting Arts

Here you can learn how to build your own LED neon-sign in a Cheap and Fun way ! An easy to accomplish task for every Tech Interested Nerd !

Art Light-Works Interior Design

Learn how to Implement and or Install LED Lights in your Business or at home, decent installed LED Lights will change your way of Living !

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Henry Ford


Dive into the Art of Signmaking

What´s the difference between ordinary Neon Lights and LED neon lights?
Ordinary Neon Tubes run with Gas “neon Gas” use more Power

LED Neon signs have a warmer, more aesthetically pleasing light than LED signs. On the other side, LED lights are brighter and can be seen from a greater distance. Most Important is the tiny Energy consumption  they evidentially proof !


Start your own Signmaking Business

These days is easy to start your own Business in any kind of Niche. Most important is to choose the right Niche you like and also likely work on for the Next months or Years. There is for sure any Niche or Topic in the DIY Scene you are interested in . We give you some Exciting inspiration you could explore through. 


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